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Winter Hours: 10am-7pm Every Day

Pirate Joe's is an unaffiliated unauthorized re-seller of Trader Joe's products (we were sued, they lost, they appealed, they won a second try). We stock what we are asked to stock by Trader Joe's lovers who don't always have the time (or a car or a passport) to head south to Bellingham (the nearest Trader Joe's). We buy retail from Trader Joe's then import everything legally and add Canadian compliant ingredient and nutrition facts labels. We have to pay the rent and the help (and the label supplier), so prices are about 30-40 percent higher than at Trader Joe's. 

Jammed & Packed

Barry in Aisle 9 putting away grocery bag #1 of about 75. It feels like Christmas on days like this. We put on some Miles and enjoy the harvest.