Trader Joe's v. Pirate Joe's - The Latest

In May Trader Joe's filed suit against us in U.S. District Court For The Western DIstrict of Washington State. Their complaint relied on a Federal statute called The Lanham Act. We filed a Motion to Dismiss and it was granted with prejudice on October 4th by Chief United States District Judge Marsha Pechman. She gave Trader Joe's leave to amend their Complaint to support something called diversity jurisdiction over their state law claims. Trader Joe's filed an Amended Complaint on October 15th. They also filed a Motion For Reconsideration on October 16th but that was denied October 28th. We filed another Motion to Dismiss on October 29th. Trader Joe's filed their Opposition on November 18th. We filed our Reply on November 22nd. Normally that's it and we wait but Trader Joe's filed a Reply to our Reply called a Surreply. We hope we get a ruling this month.


Mike Hallatt