Pirate Joe's

RECALL NOTICE: Trader Joe's RAW Almond Butter SKU 91989 USE BY 28DEC14 thru 18JUN15 AND SKU 56995 USE BY 27DEC14 thru 18JUL15. Go to traderjoes.com for more info. Don't eat these products! Return any jars you have (opened or not) to us for a full refund regardless of where you bought them.

Pirate Joe's is an unaffiliated unauthorized re-seller of Trader Joe's products (we were sued, they lost, now they are appealing). We stock what we are asked to stock by Trader Joe's lovers who don't always have the time (or a car or a passport) to head south to Bellingham (the nearest Trader Joe's). We buy retail from Trader Joe's then import everything legally and add Canadian compliant ingredient and nutrition facts labels. We have to pay the rent and the help (and the label supplier) so prices are higher than at Trader Joe's. We have no set markup - every product we carry has different import and transport issues so we kinda just wing it until it seems fair to you and also makes business sense to us. If something seems overpriced, please tell us - we're sensitive about it. ;-)