We Are Back! 

7 Days 10am-7pm

      (someone came to the rescue!)








June 16th Update:

We re-opened today for good. Someone read about the trouble and stepped in to help us – an experienced dragon slayer of sorts.

The law is on our side and I've got everyone addicted, so it's only fair I keep up supply! 

Stock thin this week so call if you are coming from across town.

East Van. North Van. Victoria. Please send location tips. Small. Funky. 

Thanks for all of that love and support this past week! The notes on the front door were wonderful! 


I was interviewed for CBC's "As It Happens", a radio show I have been listening to since I was a kid. It was all worth it just for that!  (begins at 17:50 mark)




We Are Open!

Turns out, there is always a third act.